API: Variables

Variable Type Description
settings object Contains all defaults and/or user-defined options
$slider jQuery-object The element (like ul) the slider is called upon
effects $.fn.rhinoslider.effects Contains all effects
preparations $.fn.rhinoslider.preparations Contains all preparations
vars.isPlaying bool Is set whenever autoplay is toggled
vars.intervalAutoPlay bool / interval Is false, when autoplay is canceled, contains the interval if autoplay is used
vars.active jQuery-object Contains the current active item
vars.next jQuery-object Is set by next() or prev(), contains the next item
vars.container jQuery-object The container wrapped around $slider
vars.items array (jQuery-objects) Contains the items
vars.buttons array (jQuery-object) Contains buttons: play, next, prev
vars.navigation jQuery-object Container around the bullets
vars.bullets array (jQuery-object) Contains the bullets
vars.prefix string The prefix for all classnames
vars.playedArray array (bool) Contains bool values for each item
vars.playedCounter int Counts how many items have been displayed
vars.original HTMLObject Contains the original HTMLObject the slider was called upon